Tuesday, 13 April 2010

On the Road Again

Back running last night and feeling fine. Great little run in the sunshine, even got away in just my vest. Mainly on the road, with a diversion over the local golf course and farmer's fields.


Anyway, how's progress toward them goals coming along? 

Goals Progress Week 1


After getting a bit ahead of myself following my initial exhaustion test of 50 (I jumped to week 5 column 3), and failing miserably, I pulled back to week 4 with much better results:

Day 1 (60secs rest) - 21/25/21/21/32, 120 total
Day 2 (90secs rest) - 25/29/25/25/26, 140 total
Day 3 (120secs rest) - 29/33/29/29/42, 162 total

Was supposed to do a max test after this, but this would have put the next week out so tonight I hit week 5 again, hopefully with better results after working through week 4. I have to do a total of 170 over 5 sets, with only 60 secs rest, so it won't be easy.


Again jumped too far ahead on this, but only because I was going for an easy pull up. I was finishing the rep once my chin was over the bar, now I pull further. For clarification, the technique is:
  1. Start position: full hang, arms just wider than shoulder width apart, over-hand grip
  2. Pull-up until chest touches bar/edge of gripping surface
  3. Return to start position, just keeping elbows short of locking at full extension
After an initial max test on the lazy technique (15 reps) and one day at week 3, I redid the max test and got 7 full pull-ups before I couldn't pull my chest up as high. I'm now on week 1 column 3 according to the programme and have got day 1 under my belt (5/6/4/3/5 with 60secs rest).

This will push my six-week goal to the test, as this is a six-week programme, so no room for slip up and repeating a week. In fact, I'm already down a week really, as I'm only just at the start of week 1 (in the programme) at the end of my first week (of my countdown to my goals). Confused? Yeah, me too.

Bench Press:

Very embarrassing this. I don't actually have 100kg of weights to attempt this!! I've only got 73kg of weight to put on my bar. Also, I realise I need a new bench that's got a rack to hold the bar as I hit these bigger weights. The most I can heft up from the floor from a seated position, and then manipulate up my body (without crushing my unmentionables, or my chest) into a lying bench press position is 63kg. Once there, I can bench these quite comfortably. So I need to get a new bench (I've seen a good one with a rack from Decathlon I'll treat myself to after pay-day), and 2x15/20kg plates.

For now, I'll just do what I can with the weights I can move after my press ups.

Hitting 12.5st:

Again, should have thought this through a bit better. I've got no way of measuring this, as we don't actually own a set of scales. However, diet is now heavy on the carbs and protein (mainly tuna/mayo/sweetcorn with pasta or baked spuds), supplemented with a post-training protein shake. Just need to track down a decent set of scales. 


First run since 17th March last night. 4.09mi, and kept a fairly consistent pace which averaged around 7.30mins/mi. It had 340ft of climb on it, so quite hilly for a little road run. Main thing is my knee felt fine throughout. Gonna give it a couple of days before trying it again, continuing to stretch and stregthen the necessaries in order to fend off future ITB problems. Also going to keep it on road (or at least away from fells with dodgy terrain) for the time being so as not to aggravate it again.

The running goals are the ones I'm prepared to be most flexible with, as I've got to nurse my knee back to health, and I'm not going to sacrifice my running for the sake of hitting a couple of goals. Will keep this one under review.


Having got my breathing technique sorted out, I'm going to time myself over 1km in the pool tonight, and from there set a time goal over the same distance for the end of the six-week period. Watch this space.


  1. All these press ups and wotnots sound far too exhausting!! Glad the running has begun again. Softly softly...... :-)

  2. Gotta keep me busy somehow! Though my arms do feel ready to drop off afterwards. Won't be long before I'm on Pendle again (hopefully).

  3. don't get too buff, you'll only have to carry that extra bulk up pendle ;)

    dead impressed with your stretching/strengthening discipline. stick with it!

  4. Still a long way off being a MuscleBob Buffpants just yet, nay fear! And the more weight I carry up the hill, the better training it is...? I think. Discipline's not that great, I think it more often than I do it :(. Probably 'cos there's no tangible gains to be made. Other than being able to run, of course...