Monday, 5 April 2010

Eat my Goals

With the decision last week to get a bit more focused I've been having a think about my goals and have decided to give them a bit more structure. So all this to be achieved in the next 6 weeks:
  • 100 press-up challenge completed
  • 50 pull-up challenge completed
  • Bench press 100kg x5 reps
  • Up weight to 12.5st (from 12st)
Assuming my legs start running this week too (testing them out tonight), I'll be aiming for:
  • Sub 7min/mi average on a regular 7mi route of mine (quite hilly road route)
  • To be able to run all the way to the trig at Pendle following the Tour route up to CP1 (currently break into a walk part way up).
I might also add a swimming goal here too, but I need to sort my stroke out. Currenty gasping for breath at the end of my crawl stroke. I'm trying to use a 3-stroke rhythm, alternating the side I breathe out of, but think I might be either too fast/slow in exhaling in the water, leaving me panic breathing when I lift my head out of the water (and having to rest after every other length catching my breath). Will work on perfecting this stroke first. If anyone can help out with this, let me know.

To assist with all of these, I've changed my diet in the last week. With more activity during the week, I've been more reliant on cooking for myself. Until last week, this involved pizza, fish finger butties, and Frey Bentos pies. Last week, I started hitting the jacket potatoes or pasta, mixing up some tuna, light mayo, sweetcorn, and tobasco. 

I've also got hold of some protein and creatine supplements - there's an excellent offer in Holland & Barrett if you buy their magazine (99p) there's vouchers to get a decent sized tub of protein & creatine, both for less than £20. I'm only going to use these as recovery supplements, one protein portion after each session,  moving on to the creatine after this runs out.

At the end of the six weeks - assuming I've hit my goals - I'm going to set another set of goals. I'm not sure what yet, but have been inspired by an article in the afformentioned H&B magazine and like the look of the Gym Jones 300 test (a programme and test put together for the actors in 300, but a good focus on total body strength/fitness). Also been inspired by Ninja Warrior(!), a Japanese obstacle course based challenge, currently showing on Virgin (but also broadcast on Challenge, I think). Looks good for a laugh, but also quite tough.

Got six weeks to work out what goals I could build using these as start-points. In the meantime, I've got plenty to be getting on with.


    1. If you plan on distance swimming it's better to breath every other stroke so the same side, racing shorter distances the breath can be held longer but breathing every other on the same side is more like breathing normally and you can get into a rhythm, you need to see how far you are turning your head to the side to breath too, no more than a 45 degree angle and look in front as you do as oppose to over and behind your shoulder which is a common problem but means you drop the shoulder of the opposite side getting your balance all out of kilter! Easier to show you but think I have a dvd/book somewhere unless I binned it?? Anyway happy swimming, wet suit and triathlons next!

    2. Always used to do alternate stroke, but thought 3rd stroke was better, having seen it used by elite sprint events. And I'm using it in trying to swim distance! Doh. Will go back to my old ways tonight and hopefully formulate a meaningful goal. Cheers Emma!

    3. best title for a post this year!!!

      hope you're running soon.....

    4. Sorry, couldn't help but copy two of your goals and do a similar post on my blog :) I struggle with crawl and just stick to breast stroke tbh!

      Best of luck with goals :)

    5. Swim update: 1km crawl breathing on alternate strokes. 1 min rest every 10 lengths. Thanks for the tip Emms, worked a treat!

      Kate - thanks :) Just got to work on bringing the content up to scratch now! ;)

      Neil - Nay bother, help yourself. Likewise with yours!

    6. Yup, it is a great title!! Ninja Warrior - best thing on TV!! Keep up the good work :o)

    7. wadya mean 1 minute rest?!!

      No worries, glad to be of help....made the IM worthwhile ;-)

    8. Erm, I was treating it like an interval session...?
      *Hopes this excuse is good enough*

    9. As for the running up Pendle thing, you can definitely do it. Without sounding airy-fairy, the trick is NOT to TRY and run up there, just go and do it!!
      There's a subtle difference - if you try and run up there it means a)you'll almost be expecting to run at a "normal" pace and b)you have the possibility of failure. If you just do it, you do WHATEVER it takes to run up there, even if that means running on the spot for a moment to regain your breath/strength, Good luck!

    10. Cheers for the vote of confidence Rich. My usual approach (e.g. first long run after long time out) is run as far as I can, pick a nearby landmark, run to that, and so on, until I REALLY can't go on. Make a note of where that is: next time round, try and beat that point. When I can get the whole way round (or in this case up) I then try and do it faster. Simples!!

    11. Heading oop north to Preston tomorrow for a couple of days so planning to give Pendle a looking at Tues arvo then Kentmere on Wed. Never done either before. if you spot a lost bald geordie, that would be me ;-)