Sunday, 30 January 2011

Radio Silence is Broken

All been a bit quiet my way, hasn't it? In my last post it mentioned I got a new job, and this has unfortunately left me with less time to do stuff like this (I don't get to 'work' from home as much).

Quick run-down of goings on at chez UFM.

- Pendle Monster completed
- Forgot about Tour of Pendle
- Not making it back in time for runs with Clayton

So not too great. Running has mainly been fast, flat 4mi+ runs before work in York, then hitting Pendle for some major hill sessions of a weekend.

Plans for 2011? HPM if I can get on a team, Fellsman would be nice, a late BGR (if my knee survives the former). I've got an eye on a 2012 Spartathlon, so may need to do other events, as it has got strict qualification criteria regarding 100km & 200km experience.

Also just about to start my own business with a friend in the next few weeks, so no let up.

Watch this space. Assuming I get the time to write about it!