Friday, 18 December 2009

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag

And two new pairs of shoes.

Got the OMM Adventure Light 20l for my birthday, a pair of Walsh PB Extremes with my birthday money, and a pair of Adidas Swoops with some money I got from work (some sort of thank you for a job well done type thing).

Gave the Walshes a run out the other night on a gentle headtorcher with Kieghley & Craven (KCAC). These are the Extremes, which aren't the usual light blue, they're a charcoal/grey instead. The material is harder wearing than the usual (made from Xymid, apparently). Given that my last pair of shoes (Mountain Bear Fell Dancers) were falling apart on the uppers, I thought I'd opt for these over the regular and more familiar PBs.

A very good  fit and comfortable to run in. It started off a bit sore around the heel cup, but this soon gave a bit (after about 10 mins running) and especially after the shoe got wet, it almost felt like I had nothing on my feet. It was a relatively flat course, with a couple of fast downhill fields, but nothing too steep to really test the grip on. But I'm already part way to becoming a full-on Walsh convert.

Not yet tried the Swoops, but with a weekend in the Lake District coming up in what is looking like some very cold conditions, I reckon I might be better off with these. Will take both anyway and make my mind up on the day.

As for the bag, I've not really had cause to wear it yet (outside the house, anyway). But again with a cold Lakes weekend, I might over-do the emergency kit I take just to give it a bit of a try. A few extra warm tops, a flask of Bovril, you know the score...

From what I have tried in the house though, it does feel very snug and stable and I can't see it interfering with my running stride at all. I've yet to properly figure out how to attach the chest pouch I got with it. This was really for the built-in map-case, as I've got my eye on a few long-distance events next year (High Peak Marathon, a couple of mountain marathons, the Fellsman?) and this would certainly come in handy if it works well. I shall report back once I've used in anger.

All I need now is a bivvy bag and a proper waterproof jacket. Currently deciding between the OMM Kamleika, RAB Momentum, Haglofs Oz, and Montane Evolution. With prices ranging from £90-£190, I hope Santa thinks I've been a good boy this year.


  1. Our shopping lists are v similar. I got the OMM 15l recently - seems alright so far - and have decided I really need the Kamleika :)

  2. "We dream the same dream, we want the same things..." ;)

  3. How are you finding the Adventure Light? I have one, nd really like it. I am also looking at a Kamleika, but I want the OMM Kamleika Race Smock its lighter and cheaper, two of my main requirements so perfect for me :)

  4. Bag is great, though I never did figure out how to attach the chest piece. Light & comfy, I use it for everything: long runs, hill walks, gym bag... It's currently my emergency bag in the car for driving in the snow/ice. On ultras I use it but have a waterproof liner to keep all my stuff dry.

    As for the jacket, I went with the Rab Momentum. Very happu with, but have since also bought a Ron Hill Vizion jacket. Taped, waterproof & a Velcro bit on back for LED for night time road running. Best of all, buy one get one free from Sweatshop last year, so his & hers bought, effectively £60 each!