Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Into the Unknown...

Ooh-eck! First entry then. Let's start with an easy update on last night's training run:

A run with Clayton up and over Pendle with the headtorches on.

A beautiful night for it: wind was calm, and was actually very mild. Got quite misty after not a great deal of climbing which made for some fun descending: trying to pick your footfall at the last minute as the terrain comes into view.

Needless to say, I went down a couple of times. On the north side of Pendle (on the line to CP9 on the Full Tour) I lost footing and slid quite hard and fast into a rock. Luckily my knee broke my slide. Made for a painful climb back up the walkers' path from Downham to the top again. Shook it off over the next descent though and apart from a couple more tumbles on the walkers' path down from the top - proper rolls where as I came through the mist there wasn't ground where I thought there would be - the rest of the run was without incident.

I've had a recent cold/flu thing which seems to be abating. Really felt this on a recce of the Boulsworth race route on Sunday, with difficulty breathing all the way round. On last night's run though, I felt much stronger, despite a continual cough which was getting on the nerves of the rest of the club. Once we were back to the pub car park I couldn't stop coughing, but this morning feel much better.

Just what the doctor ordered then.

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